Services and Technical Capabilities

Premium movie studio | production studio on the westside of Los Angeles. Green screen studio, SMT, Video Production, ADR, VO, and more services at The Complex Studios.

satellite media tours (smt)

We provide the tools needed for a professional SMT, using either of our main stages, or our Insert Stage linked to our Production Control Room. Talk to your talent using an IFB or through Stage Announce. Talk to your crew using our Telos system via radio packs. We have a phone system that records the audio with your live feed. We have the ability to have zoom conferences. Record in multiple video formats while uploading content to our cloud storage for quick deliveries. Send out your live signal using our AT&T Fiber circuit to have your guest downlink and begin recording. Satellite Media Tours .
Cloud storage deliveries
AT&T Fiber Hub Transmit and Receive

live production / live streaming

Very similar to our SMT service. We have hosted many types of genres from Late Night shows, Gaming, to Product Launching. Back in the early 2000's we've hosted LATV LIVE and LATV en Concierto, a popular latino network in LA. Live Streaming
Using one of our soundstages, we can help you produce high quality content from our studios. You can also include your own studio audience to add to your soundtrack. Possibilities are endless using Fiber to Satellite or Point to Point Fiber (AT&T). We are the perfect solution to accommodate your next full Live Production.
Music Video Production, live streaming, Corporate Video, TV Shows, Live Streaming, Live YouTube Streaming, Live Production

video production

Our movie studio facilities have been used for a multitude of productions such as TV shows, pilots, Indie films, Satellite Media Tours, webcasts, commercial, corporate videos, music videos, live/audience-based, motion picture scenes, all types of chroma/virtual shoots, etc. Both Stages are audience rated at 100, and has housed many TV and music events. There is distro power rated at 600amps.

Live recording and file deliveries

Can we receive live feeds from our incoming AT&T circuit directly into our digital recording system and quickly upload them to our cloud storage or any cloud storage of your choice via high speed internet. Monitor your incoming feed with your tape operator.


Create your next Music Videos here using Stage 1 or Stage 2 (Infinity wall cyc). With our integration of Audio & Video Stages, we are a perfect solution to accommodate full Music Video Productions. Music Video Production, Commercials, Corporate Video, TV Shows, Infomercial.

adr / voiceover

Automated Dialog Replacement (ADR)
Voiceover (VO)

Our ADR Studio rooms are acoustically tuned with the equipment necessary to handle all ADR and VO work. Tall ceilings and ample room in the sound-dead live room is a comfortable place to record sessions such as Walla and Fullcast. This room has witnessed a lot of ADR history such as The Simpsons and Futurama. Voiceover. ADR

Wall cyc / green screen cyc

Our green screen / Cyc Wall has an 18’ lighting grid and pre-lit by three 6k space lights. Our green screen studio is large enough for virtually all chroma key needs. cyc wall and 180 cyc wall
Black curtain available to cover wall cyc. Our Stage managers can put carpet to hide the cyc floor.

infinity Wall Cyc 180°

Infinity Wall Cyc located inside of Stage 2 with a grid height of 18', shares the same patching capabilities as Stage 1 to our main control room. The 180 degree Infinity Cyc comes pre-lit with three 6k space lights, to allow complicated and extended movement to be shot and captured. Default Color: Green
Custom Colors available.
Black curtains available to cover 3 wall cyc.

Recording Studios & Soundstages

Stage 1: Large Cyc Wall
Stage 2: 180° Infinity Cyc Wall
Production Control Room
Audio Recording Studio B
Audio Recording Studio C
Sound Studio D

There is video/audio patching to Control Room and to our main green room, as well as audio patching to both audio studios.

technical Capabilities

Fiber Circuit: AT&T Hub transmit and receive circuit
High Speed Internet: 1GB download / 1GB upload speeds
Public IP: Dedicated internet lines are available
Cloud storage for file deliveries
WIFI available throughout the building
4K ISO / HD / SD recording
Digital Audio Recording
Satellite downlink

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Production equipment list

Ross Vision Tritium 3
3 MLE rows
Multi-Monitor routable Displays
55" Monitors w/ 42" Monitors
Teleprompter Software
ZaPrompt Pro and FlipQ
4  SK-UHD4000 / CU-UHD4000
Hitachi cameras w/ Prompters
3 Cartoni P50 Pedestals
1 Jimmy Jib Triangle
6 feet to 12 feet arm
6 Hyperdeck Studio Pro
Records on Samsung SSD
aQ Broadcast servers
4TB of Digital Record and Playback
Telos & Pliant Intercom System
10 Radio Packs / 6 Panels
Audio Mics & Wireless
Sennheiser ew G4
Sennheiser ew 500 G3
Yamaha CL3 Mixer
Digital Audio Recording Console
IFB - 3 Comtek BST-25
In-ear monitor for talent
VoIP Phone Screen System
VX Prime by Telos
ETC Expression Lighting Control System
Stage 1 & Stage 2
Lighting Equipment Available
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